An independent non-governmental organization that seeks to develop society by raising awareness, providing consultations and studies, and promoting the rule of law to achieve a freer, fairer, and stable democratic society.

It has been founded by Syrian experts, academics, and activists in early 2013 and registered legally in Turkey.

A new name was approved and new programs were added after the approval of the General Assembly at its meeting held on 9/11/2022 so that the association would be more responsive to the various societal needs.

Our Vision

Advancement of society to become more developed and stable by consolidation the principles of justice and equality so that all Syrians enjoy equal rights and duties.

Our Message

Mobilizing and investing the society energies to understand its rights and duties by contributing to its stability and development, and building sustainable peace.

Our Values

Equality – Justice – Credibility – Transparency – Respect.

Our Goals

Empowering the principle of the rule of law and respect for human rights by spreading legal awareness in society.

Strengthening civil peace, renouncing violence, and participating in resolving disputes through the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms.

Reducing tensions due to different interests to create harmony and a stable state between the various components of society through the promotion of social concord.

Activating the role of CSOs to contribute to the process of supporting stability and achieving sustainable development in society.

To highlight societal issues to influence decision-makers through studies and research and conducting mobilization and advocacy campaigns.

Support all women and girls to enjoy a life free from all violent forms, and support their maximum contribution and influence in building sustainable peace and resilience.

Fighting poverty by capacities building and providing services to obtain access to the labour market for livelihoods.

Means of achieving goals

Holding workshops, training courses, dialogue seminars and awareness sessions aimed at promoting integration, social integration and the integration of citizens

Providing the necessary legal aid and advice.

Conducting legal, social, and scientific research and studies.

Cooperation and coordination with civil society organizations and local councils in Syria.

Organizational Chart

The association has a board of directors composed of – 5 members – and they are a group of people who founded the association and suggested the process of establishing it and activating and crystallizing its role. which consists of

1- Program Manager: who supervises 5 programs: the legal clinic, capacity building, advocacy and research, transitional justice, and agricultural development.

2. The financial and administrative manager, who supervises: the logistics and financial officer, the administrative and human resources officer, the Turkish legal accountant, and the Turkish legal advisor.

3. Grants Officer.

4. Monitoring and evaluation officer.

5. Security and Safety Officer.