Functions of the Transitional Justice Program

Awareness of transitional justice and its objectives and mechanisms.

Combating impunity, promoting a culture of accountability and seeking legal accountability for serious human rights violations.

Working to commemorate the anniversary, establishing monuments and memorial days or celebrations to preserve the public memory of victims, increase awareness of past violations, and help prevent their recurrence.

Work on initiatives to repair and rehabilitate victims by treating material and moral damage to past abuses and taking steps to prevent future harm and guarantees of non-repetition.

Promoting social peace, renouncing violence, documenting the painful past and creating a historical record of the diverse Syrian society in all its components.

Tasks of the Legal Clinic Program

Spreading legal awareness and promoting the dominion of law and respect for human rights in society.

Provide legal support and advice to vulnerable and marginalized groups in society so that they can access legal assistance in an easy way.

Solving disputes and legal problems in a peaceful manner.

Judicial representation of vulnerable and marginalized groups in lawsuits to which they are a party.

Organizing training courses and workshops on legal issues related to the work of the Association in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities.

Functions of the Capacity Building Program

Spreading the culture of the program, managing the training of the association, identifying and preparing training workshops and preparing capacity building projects in all fields of the association.

Building the capacity of local organizations and their employees and strengthening and strengthening the ability of individuals and the community to accomplish works and activities skillfully and effectively to achieve the goals and objectives in order to organize and make the best use of available resources.

Responsibilities of Research and Advocacy Program

Preparing researches and studies on various current and future issues in Syria and holding the necessary workshops for studies and researches for various researches and projects.

Advocacy of the humanitarian issues experienced by the Syrian people.

Highlight community issues that benefit people and influence policy formulation at all levels and change them for the benefit of community members through advocacy and advocacy campaigns.

Create a Syrian voice that can communicate its voice to decision-makers and pressure them to change their policies to achieve a long-term vision for change locally, regionally and internationally.

Developing appropriate mechanisms and programs for the purpose of activating coordination and cooperation between the Association on the one hand and civil society organizations, international organizations and the media on the other hand.